Using your Sandbox


Once you have provisioned your virtual machines in your Sandbox, you may now connect to them and start working on your assignments. Different virtual machines connect differently, so this document will outline those different connection methods.


  • You can see in the screenshot below that there are three virtual machines assigned to this lab. Two Windows-powered machines and one Unix machine.
2019-05-14 13_03_06-sb2

  • You will then be prompted to connect to your Windows-powered virtual machines using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). Click "Connect"

2019-05-14 13_03_06-sb2-winconnect

2019-05-14 13_03_06-sb2-winconnect-2

  • You will be prompted for a username and password.
2019-05-14 13_03_06-sb2-winconnect-3

  • Once connected you will see a screen that looks like this:

Pro Tip: Different virtual machines may have different colored backgrounds. When submitting a support request, be sure to include the course number (ie: CGS3373) and the color of the background in your Sandbox virtual machine. This will help the support team more quickly answer your questions.

  • You can make the Sandbox window smaller than the full screen by clicking the "Restore Down" icon and it will look like this:
2019-05-14 13_03_06-sb2-winconnect-4


  • When you select "Connect" for a Unix machine, it will launch an application called NoMachine and prompt you to accept the SSH Footprint, click "Okay"
2019-05-14 13_17_46-linuxconnect-2

2019-05-14 13_17_46-linuxconnect

  • You will be prompted for a username and password.
2019-05-14 13_17_46-linuxconnect-3