Glossary of terms

Here you can find a glossary of common terms and references used throughout our knowledge base. These items may also link to external or more in-depth product descriptions. It may be helpful to keep this page open in a tab as you consult our knowledge base.

Approval - A diagnostic process in Sandbox Builder after submitting a lab to ensure proper function within the eLumin environment prior to lab deployment to learners.

Class - A section number or name associated with an instructor and a Term used to partially define a Course. - Defined by technical staff

Classroom Virtual Desktop - Cloud-hosted computers that allow a consistent, secure, environment for learning.

Course - A combination of Term, Class, and Lab that learners are enrolled in to provide Sandbox access. - Defined by technical staff

Enrollment - Learner membership and details about the students Institution, Term, Course, Class, Username, and dates for access.

GUI - A Graphical User Interface, commonly pronounced “gooey”, is an interface such as an application, operating system view, or web browser that has icons, buttons, and other visual elements to allow navigation and use.

Lab - A single or group of Nodes that are made available to learners in their courses environment.

Locked - A status in Sandbox Builder where a lab has been submitted for approval or deployed.

Machine Image - A copy of a pre-configured virtual machine operating system. These can be customized to deploy into your lab.

Node - Virtual machines that are available for lab use in Sandbox and created in Sandbox Builder.

NoMachine NX protocol - A virtual machine management application and connection protocol alternative. NoMachine can be used on Windows and Linux.

Open Access Labs - Virtual computers set up in traditional multi-use computer lab scenario. Learners connect and temporarily access a Classroom Virtual Desktop do their work, and then release the machine to be used by others.

Power - In Sandbox, after a learner has provisioned their lab, it stays with them until they reset it. The Power button is used to start the machines (think of this as power on) after they have been idle for a while.

Provision - In Sandbox, provision is the button you select to create a set of Sandbox lab nodes.

RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol is a method of connecting to a remote virtual or physical computer running Windows.

Reboot - In Sandbox, the Reboot button allows you to restart your sandbox machines if you need to for a lab, or if they are behaving slowly or might need a restart, just like a normal computer.

Reset - In Sandbox, Reset is the button you select if you made a mistake or want to start from scratch. When you "Reset" the environment, any work that you haven't saved on to your Classroom Virtual Desktop will be destroyed, be sure to transfer any files you need to keep.

Sandbox - Virtual machines, or lab sets of virtual machines, available to learners via the Sandbox interface in their Classroom Virtual Desktop.

Sandbox Builder - An interface that allows faculty to create Sandbox labs for their courses from customized nodes.

SSH - Commonly known as Secure Shell and often utilizing port 22, SSH is a connection protocol to allow remote access to a computer. It is most often used for Linux command line access.

Term - The time period assigned to a Class used to partially define a Course. - Defined by technical staff

Virtual Applications - Software you would traditionally need to install on a computer run made available to any device through a modern web browser.