How to create an AWS account

Steps to create and activate an AWS account for use with an eLumin deployment.

Step 1: Create your account

"Create Account" or "Sign In to the Console"

Carefully enter your account information, particularly your email address, and then click Continue. If you enter an incorrect or invalid email you wont be able to access the account.

AWS and accounts cannot be separated out after creation. Therefore, if your AWS account is created with your account’s email address and you wish to transfer that AWS account to another colleague or root account holder, your account’s historical purchases will be viewable to the transferee. Thus, we recommend using a separate account for your professional vs. personal use. If, however, you intend to create an account that coincides with an account, then click the radial button for I am a returning user and my password is:

2019-04-29 12_05_24-AWS Console - Signup

Step 2. Fill out the information form:

  • The professional & personal account types have the same capabilities.
  • Read, ensure you understand and agree with the AWS Customer Agreement. Click Accept if you agree to the terms.
  • Click Create Account and Continue.
  • You will receive an email confirming your account and will be able to sign in with your password and username. Note: You cannot use your AWS account until you finish activating it.
2019-04-29 12_17_25-AWS contactinfo

Step 3: Add a payment method - For invoiced accounts go to step 3b

  • Step 3a - If using direct payment method, enter your payment information and click Secure Submit.

  • Step 3b - You’ll be taken to the payments screen. DO NOT enter in payment. Instead, just type in into your browser.

  • Click the drop down on the top right that says My Account and select Account Settings. Make sure the “I am a returning user and my password is:” radio button is selected this time.
2019-05-02 15_00_07-My Account

  • Please login and retrieve your new account number and provide it to your Account Manager so that we can setup Invoicing for your account.
2019-05-02 15_24_57-account id

  • Once you have received confirmation from your AWS Account Manager that invoicing for your account has been set up, you will then be able to activate your services. To do so you will need to login via the Management Console:

Step 4: Verify your phone number

  • You must enter a valid phone number that you have access to. You can verify your account via SMS text message, or via Voice. Follow the prompts and enter the captcha code when prompted.
  • Enter the code your receive from SMS or via Voice, and click Continue.

Step 5: Choose an AWS Support plan

  • Select an AWS support plan that fits your needs and budget. Please note AWS support is separate from eLumin Support and can incur additional cost.
  • You can read more about AWS Support Plans here.

Step 6: Pause for account activation and confirmation

  • AWS accounts are often created in minutes, but can take 24 hours in some cases to activate. During this waiting period you will be able to sign into your account. You will not have full access to all services until your account is activated.
  • You will know your account is ready when you receive an email confirming your account activation.

*AWS Services work together across the platform. When signing up for services we activate a “Unified Sign Up” meaning all services activate together. So triggering 1 signup (On EC2 as shown below) activates all the others. (Support plans are separate.)

Troubleshooting delays in account activation