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The Enrollment tab lets you import and modify your learners access to your deployed labs.

To enroll learners, please do the following:

Step 1: Sign into your instructor or staff Classroom Virtual Desktop

For additional help with your Classroom Virtual Desktop read: Launching Classroom Virtual Desktop for the First Time.

Step 2: Prepare your import file.

  • Learner information is imported by using a .csv file (attached)
  • A sample student is populated in the 2nd row of the file.
2019-05-28 15_48_29-enroll-csv

Step 3: Double click the Sandbox Builder icon in your Classroom Virtual Desktop.

  • Click on the Enrollment tab on the left-hand side of the interface.
  • Click on the Import button.
2019-05-28 15_48_29-enroll-import

Step 4: Select a Term and an import file.

  • In the import field Select a Term for your learners from the drop down menu
  • Click Browse and point to your completed .csv file.
  • Once your file passes validation, click Process to import your learners.
2019-05-28 15_48_29-enroll-success2
  • If the file contains errors, click Preview Data and resolve the issues to continue.
2019-05-28 15_48_29-enroll-fail

2019-05-28 15_48_29-enroll-fail2