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How to access and who can use Sandbox Builder

Sandbox Builder is an application available inside your Classroom Virtual Desktop environment. It is only available for instructors and staff at institutions who maintain a current subscription.

Before proceeding you might find some of the following resources helpful:

To access Sandbox builder please do the following:

Step 1: Sign to your Classroom Virtual Desktop

2019-05-15 10_51_42-sbb-cvd

Step 2: To launch Sandbox Builder, double click the icon in your Classroom Virtual Desktop.

2019-05-15 10_51_42-sbb-launch

Pro Tip: There may be a differences between what technical staff and instructors have access to. Technical staff can see Institution, Term, Course, Class, and Enrollment. Instructors can only see Enrollment and Sandbox.

If you wish to proceed and create a Sandbox Builder Lab. Please see Creating a Sandbox Lab